Women Success Coaching 

Do You Feel Disempowered at Work?

Do you work with people who undermine your competence or leadership? Are you constantly talked over by your male coworkers, who offer unsolicited, confidence-eroding explanations on subjects that you’re capable of addressing yourself? Perhaps coworkers’ unconscious biases or exclusionary behaviors single you out or make the work environment emotionally taxing? Or, maybe the atmosphere at work makes you feel the need to hide your medical issues or pregnancy to secure your status and opportunities for advancement. Do you find navigating different relationships and managing multiple roles emotionally draining? Do you wish to have a space to discuss your unique challenges, enhance your leadership and learn better ways to cope with stress while advocating yourself?

Women in leadership roles or male-dominant fields face distinctive challenges. Maybe you are conscious about appearing competent and credible to your colleagues and clients. Perhaps you are also a high achieving person experiencing imposter syndrome that makes you feel undeserving of your success. You worry about people seeing your “flaws.”  Do you want to or have you recently had a child and you wonder how to balance multiple responsibilities. Having time for yourself seems impossible. With everything you’re juggling—work, relationships, self-advancement or family—would you like to get support and build a healthier work/ life balance?    


Women in Leadership Positions Face Unique Challenges

In America, women still remain underrepresented in the upper level of corporations. Research studies show that while women tend to adopt leadership styles that are particularly well-suited for the complexity of contemporary organizations, female leaders repeatedly face people who question their credibility and capacities. Women are often the target of gender-based stereotypes, such as lacking assertiveness, drive or competitive spirits. Or they may be perceived as unfit for leadership roles or given less opportunities to show their leadership capacities. It is particularly common for women to worry about how pregnancy might affect a colleague’s perception or them or impact opportunities for promotion. The accumulating demands and stress from work coupled with responsibilities in your personal life, can leave you feel overwhelmed and out of balance.

It takes exceptional hard work and dedication to achieve a leadership role and success in your career. You deserve to be respected and appreciated at work. Coaching provides you with a supportive space to release distress, develop a realistic plan to improve your situation and establish a healthy balance in your personal and professional life.

You Can Gain Control and Confidence with Women’s Success Coaching

As a licensed psychologist, I have specialized in women’s wellness and deeply invested myself in helping women build their dream career. I understand how hard you’ve worked to get to where you are right now and it’s almost impossible to disclose your feelings of self-doubt or frustration at work. I welcome those raw feelings in my practice as we tap into your strengths to make positive changes.

My coaching approach is strength-based and solution-focused, which means that we’ll engage in active problem solving and skills training.

  • We’ll work collaboratively to assess the source of your challenges at work and identify goals for the future. If a psychological trap, such as imposter syndrome or perfectionism is getting in your way of feeling confident and secure, I’ll help you build solid self-esteem.

  • The practice of mindfulness and self-compassion can reduce your unhelpful thinking patterns, ignore the inner critic and help you become present at work.

  • I’ll teach you how to develop and practice self-care and stress management strategies to help you reduce anxiety, find a better work/life balance and nourish different parts of your life.

In our work together I will tailor the coaching process based on your unique challenges and professional goals within the context of your personal life.

  • If you are working with difficult people, I can teach you how to improve communication skills and generate greater interpersonal effectiveness.

  • I also incorporate tools borrowed from career counseling strategies, such as career assessment and leadership testing. Testing helps us identify your strengths, preferred leadership style, areas for growth and guides us to develop strategies that can strengthen your leadership effectiveness.

  • We can also assess problems in the team dynamics or organizational practices in your workplace. We’ll look at what changes are possible and what efforts you’d like to make to bring them about.

  • I can help you build a strong, supportive network in your professional life, advocate for professional support so you can thrive at work.

Sometimes our work might focus on solving a specific issue. For instance, if you are working toward a promotion, I can mentor you with hands-on assistance, helping you negotiate the process, manage priorities and advocate for yourself.


Woman’s success coaching provides an empowering and collaborative space in which you can develop skills, personal success strategies and a deeper understanding of yourself. Together, we can strengthen your confidence, enhance your success and wellbeing at work and create a positive, self-affirming state of balance in your life.


I am considering women’s success coaching, but I still have a few concerns…

I worry that coaching will take up the little time I have left for myself.

Consider career counseling as an investment that can provide long-term gains in your professional and personal life. It is a place where you can separate yourself in a healthy way from the stress of work, role expectations and unaddressed internal conflicts you may be experiencing. In turn, you can attend to your needs, be better equipped with skills to manage difficult relationships, increase your mental well-being and reduce the stress of fulfilling multiple roles as a mother, parent, partner and professional. 

How would coaching change challenging situations at work?

Our work together may not directly change the unpleasant situations in your workplace, but it equips you with skills, confidence and strategies to deal with problems. Our work may focus on interpersonal effectiveness so you are better at working with difficult people and bosses. We may also explore how you want to shape your work environment and culture by focusing on self-advocacy. We will also strengthen your leadership skills so you can work effectively with a team of people with diverse backgrounds. In short, coaching can empower you to make desired changes at work.

I don’t want my coworkers to find out I’m seeking women’s success coaching.

Our sessions are confidential and meant to give you a safe space to air your concerns and express your feelings freely. In our sessions, you can be yourself, take comfort in expressing raw feelings and trust that I will be your ally.


Women’s Leadership Coaching Can Be an Advocate for Your Success

If you are having trouble dealing with stress, navigating a problematic workplace or building your dream career, coaching for women’s professional success can help. Please click on the link below to set up your free 15-minute consultation. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about my practice in New York City.