Empowerment Counseling 

Do You Wish to Have an Authentic and Deeper Connection with Yourself and Others?

Do you feel unsatisfied or lonely in your relationship? Are you insecure about dating? You may find yourself stuck in the same frustrating relationship patterns, wondering why this keeps happening. Do you sometimes worry that people don’t truly understand you? Perhaps you hold back how you feel due to fear of rejection or criticism?

You may feel pressured to fit other people’s vision of you, and don’t feel like you can just be who you are. Maybe, you notice that you’re living and working on autopilot, feeling disconnected from yourself and other people. Even when you are successful and have accomplished a lot, your self-confidence still fluctuates and there are roadblocks to creating a life you want.

A lack of empowerment in your life can take many forms, both great and small, and impact everything from your self-esteem and relationships to your performance and mental wellbeing.

  • When you don’t feel empowered or confident, you might often worry about saying or doing something wrong. You might fear that people’s opinions of you would change if they “saw you for who you truly are.”

  • You may often need reassurance and validation from other people and feel like an imposter at work.

  • When feeling powerless, it seems like you can only wait for positive changes to naturally occur in your relationship, workplace or life. It seems impossible to utilize your abilities to shape your trajectory, relationships or social surroundings. 

Are you looking to find better ways to respond to stress and challenges in your life? Ultimately, do you wish you could feel more freed up, empowered and self-assured? 


Standing Up for Yourself Can Be Stressful

At some point, everyone experiences loneliness or disconnection from true self. It is normal to sometimes feel lost when you are not even sure where to start making improvements in your life, career and relationships. It also makes sense to feel frustrated and burned out when you may have tried every way you know how to improve your situation only to encounter the same problems.

Our relationship challenges and self-esteem issues often heighten when there is a significant change occurring in our life, such as moving to a new place, starting a new job, dating someone from a different culture, ending a relationship or beginning a new chapter of your life (e.g., marriage or child birth).

And often, this “fix it yourself” culture makes us feel as though we are somehow "weak" if we can’t just bury our feelings and achieve our goals. The reality is, we feel the most powerful and capable when we are true to our feelings and pursue our values, goals and needs. Self-empowerment allows us to connect to our inherent resilience and develop the mental flexibility required to effectively deal with challenges.

No matter how overwhelmed and uncertain you feel, personal counseling can help you build a deep, resilient well of confidence and wellbeing, and guide you to create sustainable, positive change in your life. 


Empowerment Counseling Can Help You Feel Confident and Connected

I believe that a solid sense of wellbeing comes from an empowered relationship with your own life. My empowerment counseling helps people gain self-confidence and skills to surf the waves of unavoidable changes, challenges and uncertainty in life.

Working together in a warm, supportive and compassionate space, and we'll focus on these areas: 

  • Start by deeply understanding your relationship history, family dynamics and experiences in the world to identify the root of problems.

  • Remain mindful and curious about, “How have you come to experience yourself and others, react, think and feel this way?” Knowing that some habitual patterns were often developed in response to stressful or painful events in the past can help you develop greater self-compassion.

  • Carefully examine what patterns feel constraining and how unhelpful patterns are perpetuated in your present life.

  • Identify abilities and opportunities you have to improve your relationships and shape your environment. We will develop actionable goals to guide you toward new experiences, develop emotional flexibility and expand your life.

Seeking empowerment through individual counseling allows you to receive supportive guidance from a professional—and I always tailor my approach to your unique situation and needs. For example, if you have trouble making connections or worry about pleasing others at your own expense, I will help you set healthy relationship boundaries, improve communication skills and validate your own needs so you can speak up without guilt. You’ll also learn to generate interpersonal skills for initiating and maintaining a positive relationship with yourself and others.

I have devoted my career to helping people better understand themselves, change unproductive behavioral and emotional patterns, and improve relationships. 


Working together, I will help you utilize the strengths you already possess so you can overcome obstacles, improve the quality of your life and become the person you have always wanted to be—loving, confident and resilient with a great sense of freedom and control in life.


You May Still Have Some Questions About Empowerment Counseling…

I think time will eventually make things better.

Indeed, time can be an important factor in the healing process. And sometimes it feels good to temporarily put your problems aside. However, time by itself can do little to help change unproductive patterns, gain new experiences or develop confidence.  Also, issues buried over time often resurface in the future. Time spent with a professional provides the space to directly deal with challenges in a productive manner, thereby creating sustainable change. Being able to tackle problems and make changes in your present life generates empowerment and confidence that in turn creates a sense of wholeness and connectedness.

I’ve always been pretty successful, so shouldn’t I be able to empower myself?

We all have times when stress is so overwhelming that we can’t access our coping skills—or they feel like they’ve completely stopped working. We then start to lose touch with ourselves and our confidence suffers. Many of us don’t ask for help because in this culture we are expected to appear successful and on top of our lives. Counseling sessions provide a space dedicated to you and your personal growth, which is often a rare luxury in a busy NYC lifestyle. This space is particularly important for those who tend to put other people’s needs before their own or whose leadership at work demands them to constantly provide support to colleagues.

If I can’t do it myself, how can empowerment counseling help?

Sometimes, it is hard to make changes, let alone sustain new and helpful habits in life. Similar to learning a musical instrument, psychological growth starts with following the guidance of a professional and practicing new skills to eventually become a master of your life. Whether you need help building self-esteem, dealing with stress and anxiety or want to know how to set healthy relationship boundaries, counseling for self-empowerment can expand your horizons and deepen your relationships.

You Don’t Have To Face Life’s Challenges Alone! 

If you are struggling to empower yourself to make positive changes in your life, guidance and support are available. Click on the button below to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about empowerment counseling or my practice in New York, NY.