Diversity and Inclusion Training

Do You Want to Promote Diversity & Inclusion?

Are you constantly putting out fires related to people’s lack of cultural awareness and sensitivity? Have you received complaints – either from clients or employees – regarding offensive comments, problematic behaviors, or microaggressions? Has a recent incident hurt employee morale or the reputation of your company?  Maybe polarizing views on race, religions, politics, or culture are creating tension and divide, making the workplace uncomfortable. You’re looking for an expert to facilitate important conversations, help create an inclusive workplace, and teach actionable skills for working in a diverse team and market.

Maybe your organization is proud of its diverse talents and social justice mission. But you’re also experiencing staff conflicts and challenges with communication and collaboration. You want everyone to become actively aware of unconscious biases and champion diversity by overcoming biased thoughts and behaviors. You care deeply about making people feel seen, respected and valued to voice diverse perspectives. You want to become successful with diversity and inclusion and lead a company where many talented people want to work.

At Open Minds Psychological Consulting, I offer customizable diversity & inclusion workshops to different types of workplace. I often bring in other consultants with whom I partner to deliver the trainings in English, Mandarin, and Spanish. Shifting hidden biases and assumptions of others to cultural curiosity is the key to organizational change.

Diversity & Inclusion Training Helps Your Organization Thrive

As an organizational consultant and psychologist, my expertise lies in helping individuals shift their mindset and behaviors, so they can collectively develop an equitable and inclusive organizational culture. I work with companies to develop effective communication and work through conflicts. The more diverse and inclusive your company is, the more you’ll experience employee satisfaction, productivity, positive reputation, and financial gain, according to decades of research.


I offer customizable and interactive workshops.

My expertise is helping people shift their mindset and behaviors, so they can collectively develop a diverse & inclusive workplace.


My Training Approach

My training takes an intersectionality approach. Looking at our overlapping identities helps us: (1) understand how we all experience multiple sources of challenges and social privileges related to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and other identity markers; and (2) understand how personal stories have shaped our mindset and the way we interact with one another.

I make sure to create a compassionate and mindful space through role-modeling and skills teaching. The training process is interactive, with a balance of intellectual and emotional learning. My primary goal is always to deepen awareness, skills, and connection among team members and between social groups.

  • My training is grounded in four core pillars: psychology, neuroscience, mindful awareness, and social-emotional learning. I combine theory and activities that engage participants.

  • As a Certified Group Psychotherapist by the American Group Psychotherapy Association, I help people become interaction/relationship-conscious and develop active listening skills, effective communication, and conflict management.

  • With a focus on building self-awareness and cultural sensitivity, you can increase the ability to understand, communicate, and work well with people from cultures and identity groups other than your own.

Key Agenda of Diversity & Inclusion Training:

  • Needs Assessment

    • During our phone consultation, we’ll discuss the reasons why you seek out my expertise. Identify the gaps between current organizational culture and desire goals.

    • Develop customized training workshops to meet the specific needs and mission of your organization.

  • Increasing Cultural Awareness

    • Examine how our identities shape our worldview and influence our day-to-day interactions in the workplace.

    • Understand the unconscious and often unintentional nature of biases – what they are, why we all have them and how they impact our decision-making and relationships.  

    • Identify your team’s diversity and how that impacts the group dynamics.

  • Building Skills 

    • Use mindfulness skills to guide self-exploration and engage in diversity dialogues skillfully instead of just emotionally reacting

    • Practice active listening and communication skills to make everyone feel heard, reduce misunderstanding, and relate respectfully with colleagues of different backgrounds

    • Implement behavioral strategies to keep our biases in check, reframe our thoughts/assumptions and mitigate the influences of biases   

    • Practice skills to intervene when microaggressions take place, particularly in ways that maintain strong relationships with colleagues or clients

  • Developing Action Steps

    • Identify resources for supporting the work of diversity and inclusion in your organization

    • Develop a plan of action for practicing the knowledge and skills learned during the workshop

The agenda can be tailored for your team.I provide on-site workshops, ranging from 2-4 hours to 1-2 full days depending on your needs. It is highly recommended to have follow-up training to reinforce learning, cultural shift, and leadership commitment in your organization. Building diversity and inclusion is a process, not a one-time event.

You May Be Interested in Diversity and Inclusion Training But Still Have Questions… 

How is your diversity training different from that of other professionals? 

My research and training have focused explicitly on multicultural psychology. Through my research in this area, I’ve found knowledge acquisition, awareness and skills building to be essential components for sustainable changes at the individual and organizational levels. In my years of experience providing cultural competence training, I’ve found the powerful impact of experiential learning and teamwork on making sustainable changes. Skilled at group facilitation, I model effective and inclusive communication skills. 

People are often uncomfortable with this type of training or find it “too political.”

Diversity and inclusion training is not about politics. Instead, it focuses on training people to respect and appreciate diversity, as well as develop effective communication skills for working collaboratively with culturally diverse colleagues and clients. It is common and normal to experience different emotions, sometimes discomfort, when discussing diversity issues. As an experienced psychologist, my non-judgmental, supportive style helps people feel comfortable quickly, particularly when they are unsure or uncertain about making changes. 

How does your training benefit people from various fields?

During our first consultation, we will discuss the unique needs and circumstances of your organization. I will assess the gaps in your organization and customize the training programs to meet your goals. Consciousness raising is the backbone of my training because it helps people remain aware and active in promoting diversity and inclusivity in everyday interactions. I teach evidence-based, actionable skills, such as mindfulness and interpersonal effectiveness, and these skills are transferable to different work settings.


Your Team Can Thrive

If you are ready to enhance the diversity and inclusion in your workplace, you can schedule a 30-minute consultation with me by clicking the button below. I am happy to hear what your organization is aiming for and answer any questions you have about my diversity and inclusion training in New York, NY.